Donation Opportunity

The Lucas Area Food Pantry and Meijer

Partner to Provide Hunger Relief

in Lucas & the surrounding community through

Meijer's Simply Give” Food Pantry Donation Program

The LAFP gives food to about

260 families each month which is about 780 people

who are receiving enough food for about 7,020 meals each month

The 2019 Spring Campaign provides two double match days this year. They are:

Double Match Days:

May 31

June 14


Important info....

your donation $10.00 + Meijers $20.00 = total donation $30.00

your donation $50.00 + Meijers $100.00 = total donation $150.00

your donation $100.00 + Meijers $200.00 = total donation $300.00

No Meijer purchase is necessary to participate


If you want to donate and can not go to the Ontario Meijer's Store

mail your check to our LAFP treasurer...

Gina Gerich 1014 Chew Rd. Mansfield, OH 44903

Make the check out to Lucas Area Food Pantry add a note...Simply Give

Try to get your check to her by June 13th and your donation will be taken to

the Meijer store to be double matched!!!!


We encourage you to donate during the double match day, your dollar will go so much farther at that time to help those in need!!!

Another option to donate

You can pick up a donation card at a Lucas Church, Meijer Ontario the Lucas Library or from an LAFP volunteer

The value of the card is $10.00

you will then take it to Ontario (only) Meijers store give it to any check out or to the desk

Tell them how much you want to donate to the LAFP

 they will scan the card once or however many times it takes

to reach your donation amount

At the end of the program, Meijer will match or 

if you donate May 31st or June 14th, double match,

all of the donations given.

The Lucas Area Food Pantry is so grateful to Meijer

for including us in this wonderful program and for their caring for those in need!!

Contact Us Today!

Lucas Area Food Pantry

located in the Lucas Community Center

252 W. Main St.

Lucas, 44843

(located in the Lucas Community Center building)

Phone: 1 419-892-2825


Care to make a donation?


Cash or non-perishable goods are accepted.